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Heavy Haul Services In Garfield Texas

We offer on time, on budget, and safe transport of your heavy equipment in Garfield TX.

Pierce Heavy Equipment is the leader in equipment transportation in Central Texas. Our drivers are well versed on the operation of equipment so you can rest assured that we have your heavy haul covered. Our insurances far exceed state minimums and we always go above and beyond to make sure we treat each of your moves as if it was our own. We own an excavation company ourselves and know first hand, how important being on time when transporting heavy equipment is. 

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Construction Machinery and Heavy Equipment Transport In Garfield Texas

Pierce Heavy Equipment has all of your construction equipment transportation needs met. We offer a wide range of trucks capable of hauling both small and oversized loads. We offer the most optimized heavy haul services to make sure your equipment arrives on time, every time. 

Garfield Texas Equipment Heavy Haul

Bulldozer Transport In Garfield Texas

When it comes to moving bulldozers our crews have the experience to make sure your dozer is delivered safely each time. We work diligently to make sure that we offload the equipment in a way that wont damage roads. We offer semis capable of hauling loads over 100,000 lbs. If you have a bulldozer that needs to be transported give us a call today 512-229-9796 

Excavator Transport In Garfield Texas

Excavator transport can be a tricky task, often times these units are very wide and require extra permitting to move. This is not a problem for us as we are able to transport up to 50 ton excavators with ease. Our crews take an unmatched level of care when transporting your trackhoes from job site to job site and make sure we offload in areas that will not damage streets or curbs. Our heavy hauler teams are expert in the operation of equipment so you can rest assured nothing will be damaged during the loading and unloading process.

Insured Texas Heavy Machinery Hauling Services In Garfield Texas

When it comes to moving heavy equipment we understand the financial risks involved. We are insured to $1M in cargo coverage and our drivers always treat your machinery as if it was their own. We are in constant communication and always share live tracking information for you to track our driver and your assets in real time. 

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Oversize Heavy Equipment Hauling Service

When it comes to Texas equipment transport we understand that as with everything else in the Lonestar Texas, “everything is bigger in Texas”. We offer oversized load transport services in the Garfield area, and have the proper trucks and lowboy trailers to move your heavy loads with ease. If you need to get your heavy equipment from job site to job site you can rest assured that we have the skills and trucks to transport your heavy equipment safely.

Real Time Heavy Equipment Hauling Quotes In Garfield Texas

We implement the first REAL TIME quote platform that allows you to get a quote and schedule service without having to call in and speak to a dispatcher. Our software allows us to accurately price, schedule, and route everything we do in REAL TIME so you can focus on running your business and worry less about having to deal with a dispatcher.